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Most of us love dining out – whether that’s at a plush Michelin-starred restaurant or a meal from our favourite take-away in town. If it’s the former then it’s often better to have a companion to share the meal with.

Unfortunately, that’s not always possible – especially if you’re the ambitious, professional type who doesn’t get time to socialise much. Or maybe you’re a visiting businessman from out of town and don’t fancy chatting about work over dinner? If so, that’s exactly where our gorgeous dinner date escorts in Birmingham come in

What can I expect from a dinner date escort Birmingham?

Our gorgeous girls are well-versed in conducting conversations with strangers (which, if you’re a new client, is exactly what you are – at least for the first 30 minutes or so of your date).

But they are also incredibly competent at putting their clients at ease. Many are university educated (in fact, some are foreign students intent on a British education) and fluent in several languages.

What does a dinner date escort in Birmingham look like?

Our dinner date companions are always beautiful. Some are slim, many have curvy hour-glass figures. It just depends on your preference as to whom you would like to dine with. In terms of colouring there are brunettes, blondes, red heads and raven-haired girls. If you like your girls with a peachy, English rose complexion then we have women like this working with us. But we also employ dark-skinned girls, as well as Scandinavian and Russian ladies.

One thing is for sure – they all have a great sense of humour and many are almost recontours in their own right. They are also extremely well-groomed and you certainly don’t have to worry about their table manners. Just don’t ask them to foot the bill – especially if you happen to be in a Michelin-star rated venue!

Where else can I go with a dinner date escort in Birmingham?

Well, if you’re the type who loves to cook and your company has put you up in a serviced apartment, then why not have a private dinner party – just the two of you? It’s allowed! And it’s often preferable to trying to hear each other talk in a popular, busy restaurant (of which there are many in Birmingham).

How to book a dinner date escort Birmingham

The majority of our dinner date escorts in Birmingham are available for a date Monday to Sunday, both in the evening and for lunch. You’ll be delighted to know that each and every one of our escorts are highly professional and discreet.

Why not take a look at our selection of dinner date escorts on our website today? Remember to read their profiles too in order to ensure you have plenty in common to talk about. Once you’ve chosen which particular lady you’d like to get to know better than just give us a call and we’ll make the arrangements for you. Alternatively drop us an email on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!