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Beautiful and alluring, our slim escorts are, without exception, stunning to look at. Whether you happen to be looking for a slim blonde with an impressive bust, for instance, or even a brunette with incredible legs, we’re sure we have a girl to fit with your preferred type.

What can I expect from a slim escort Birmingham?

You can expect your escort to do all she can to make you feel relaxed and welcomed – especially if it’s an Incall appointment you have booked and are meeting her for the first time in her own apartment. She will no doubt offer you a drink initially then you’ll both sit down and have a chat. It’s at this point really that you should tell her what you like (if you haven’t already when you booked). Certainly, our lovely escorts may have many talents but we’re 100 per cent certain that not one of them is a mind reader… The length of your time with her depends on how long you booked for. Our girls never go ‘over’ the time allotted unless you have a private arrangement.

What does a slim escort in Birmingham look like?

As you’d expect from a top-class escort agency like our own, the slim escorts in Birmingham we work with are all drop-dead gorgeous. Girls are available in a range of hair colours and skin types but all are model-like. Their slim figures mean they wear clothes incredibly well too so get ready for them always turning heads whenever you’re out with them.

Where can I go with a slim escort in Birmingham?

From fine dining restaurants to cosy little Italian-style bistros, there are plenty of places to dine out in right here in Birmingham. Having a meal together is a great way to get to know a new escort, especially if you’re enjoying a glass or two of wine at the same time. Don’t worry about any initial awkwardness though – all of our lovely ladies are excellent conversationalists, great fun and used to mixing with lots of different characters in varied situations.

You can always be reassured of their professionalism and discretion so even if you bump into a friend or work colleague, your secret will always be safe – if you want it to be, that is. Some of our clients take pride in the fact that they date escorts, while many have friends who do too.

How to book a slim escort Birmingham

Take a look at how lovely our slim escorts are by browsing through that particular category on our website. Rest-assured all the photographs on our website are 100 per cent genuine. By that we mean they haven’t been edited in any way and all have been taken within the past few months so are relatively recent.

Once you have chosen which particular lovely lady you would be keen to get to know on a more intimate footing then simply call us to make a date or email us via the website. It really is that easy to set yourself up with a beautiful slim escort in Birmingham!