How To Get Over Your Ex

We have all been there, you have given your heart to someone only for them to crush it in the palm of their hands leaving you broken and wondering where it all went wrong. According to a study conducted by the telegraph, on average we will have between 5-7 long-term relationships throughout our life and will have our heart broken by 3 of these. 

The pain of breaking up with someone that you have planned a future with can often feel like a huge shock but what about the weeks that follow? It is natural to crave companionship in the following weeks and months as you try to rebuild your self-confidence and we think we have found the perfect solution: Book a Birmingham escort. 

You’re most likely to bounce around after having your heart broken, the science behind it says that it is a completely natural process of moving on. When someone is broken up with, their initial reaction is so often to ask questions within themselves. 

“Am I good enough?” 
“What did I do wrong” 

Building up your own confidence through the validation of drunken one night stands very rarely fills the void but what about amazing sex with an experienced escort who knows exactly how to treat a man? 

Why Booking an Escort is Better than hooking up with someone you know 

When the feelings of loss are still fresh and emotions are high, the easy thing to do is to hook up with somebody that you have known for a while. Friends, friends of friends or even work colleagues are normally the usual suspects. Sure the instant gratification that you can receive may temporarily replace the feeling of sadness but then what? Return to work and have to live with the embarrassment of the office knowing you slept with Lucy from HR after work do?

In the early stage of a break-up, keeping things private is important for your own mental health, you do not want the world to see a downward spiral. 
The best way to guarantee sexual liberation whilst maintaining discretion is by booking an escort and here is why: 


  • Our escorts are always discreet. What happens between the two of you stays between the two of you.
  • There are no long-term repercussions. An escort will expect nothing from you once you leave each others company. 
  • There are no feelings there to be hurt. Escorting cuts through the bullshit and bravado of fake relationships and forced feelings that people pretend they feel. You know why you’re both there. 

When is the right time to book an escort? 

Whenever you are ready. There is no blueprint that explains the perfect time to book an escort and close the chapter on your previous relationship. We would recommend that if your feelings for your ex are still fresh and you have a belief that a reconciliation is still possible, give yourself time to heal. An escort cannot replace the love that you have for someone else and it is not fair for you to put that pressure on another person. 

However, once you feel ready to start seeing other people again but feel rusty in your game, an escort can help you regain your confidence and sexual flair. It is an opportunity to try out new things, with the types of women that maybe you have not before considered sexual partners. Normally, people seek what they have not previously tried before; Was your ex a petite brunette and now you’re seeking a busty blonde bombshell? Are you looking for an open-minded bisexual to liberate your sexual fantasies? Whatever it is you’re looking for, we are sure we have the girl for you, make sure you check out our gallery for the perfect broken heart remedy