Tamworth Escorts

Tamworth is a large market town and borough in Staffordshire 14 miles away from Birmingham. Postcode B77, Tamworth has a population of over 70,000 and is of course home to the world famous Tamworth escorts. There is plenty to do in Tamworth for the occasional visitor.

The former capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Mercia has much to offer including the attractive Castle Pleasure Grounds at the very heart of the town and the historic Tamworth Castle. There are 14 wildlife sites in Tamworth – an ideal place perhaps to take a nature-loving Tamworth escort for some fresh air before the bedroom fun and games that will inevitably follow later in the evening in your private hotel in Tamworth.

Do Tamworth Escorts Shave And Have Good Hygiene?


This is not the daft question that it may first appear to be. Many guys these days ask specifically that their escorts are fully shaved. This has been a trend over probably the last 20 years and to many young escorts, the idea of having and pubic hair is abhorrent. They have been brought up knowing that pubic hair is a no amongst all of their friends and other people who may have some interest and that's fine, but there are still guys out there that enjoy a lady with a little fur where it was intended to be.

The majority of Tamworth escorts are shaved completely. Many guys like this because it can be incredibly sensual to touch. It also allows the guy to be able to see everything that the lady has, so no hiding detail behind any bush. Oral can also be much easier and soft and sweet with a completely shaved Tamworth escort and the girl herself obviously prefers this. But what about the maybe more old fashioned guy that grew up knowing women who had their knickers full of hair – after all it's natural so why not they say.

Most Tamworth escorts that grow some pubic hair keep it neatly trimmed. A little sexy Brazilian strip or landing strip as it is often referred to can look very sexy. Then there are the girls that leave a full triangle of bush whilst keeping their pussy lips shaved and sweet for the guy to play with and kiss.

Are There Such Things As A Hairy Tamworth Escort?


Do these exist still? A full-blown thick dark bush escort that delights in her hirsute activities. If you search carefully you will find yourself a hairy Tamworth escort. Slipping your hand into her knickers for the first time to feel her soft fur can be incredibly exciting. Even more, is feeling between the Tamworth escorts legs and parting her dark moist bush to access her crown jewels.

So for sure if you are a guy that prefers a girl to be totally natural down there then you are not on your own. It is quite unusual to find a girl these days that has a full natural bush but if that is what you enjoy then why shouldn’t you find a hairy Tamworth escort and indulge your fantasies.