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Warwick is a town on the river Avon in the West Midlands. Very famous for Warwick Castle built by William the Conqueror in Medieval times. This itself is a highly popular tourist attraction and brings many visitors to the area.

There are many folk festivals and music festivals held in Warwick which also has a famous and very well-respected University. Is perhaps from Warwick University where some of the Warwick escorts come from, offering their services to business men in Warwick that travel there on business and attend business meetings.

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This is a question that is often asked by people wanting to book an escort in Warwick but aren’t really too sure how it works and where to meet their escort for their first intimate encounter together. Many guys are more than happy to meet their escort in the privacy of their hotel room in Warwick and this makes a lot of sense for many reasons.

Firstly, when you book your escort you simply have to tell her the name and location of your hotel room and also obviously your room number. Our Warwick escorts are highly discreet and will arrive at your hotel and simply walk through reception heading for your hotel room. Dressed discreetly, normally in long coats that hide their very sexy clothing and underwear underneath, no on will suspect anything at all. Your escort will send you a text message as she arrives so you can be ready for her in your room waiting, and she will announce herself with a gentle tap on your door.

We suggest that maybe you have a bottle of something chilling in the room from room service ready for the arrival of your Warwick escort and the two of you can initially share a drink that will break the ice and you can get to know each other a little before the real fun starts in your locked hotel bedroom.

Another option of course is to meet your Warwick escorts in one of the many local bars or pubs. This would give you the opportunity to share a couple of drinks together to really get to know each other while the people in the bar stare across at you enviously as you sit with your stunning escort having a laugh and talking together intimately.

Once that you feel that the time is right you can then suggest to your Warwick escort that it may be the time to head back to the privacy of your hotel room and move the date on a little further.

Once in the privacy of your room with the door locked you may want to have another quick drink and to suggest to your Warwick escort that she may perform a gentle strip tease for you as you sit on the bed in full appreciation of her beauty. Once she is down to her sexy underwear you may want to join in and the real fun will start. What a night you are in for.